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  International Auto Shipping

If you are thinking of taking your car with you when you relocate to a country abroad, there are several things to think about regarding the various pros and cons involved in the process. The entire process of relocating and internal car shipping may be a very smooth and hassle-free experience or it could turn out to be one of those experiences which you do not want to be repeated, depending on the car shipping company and your budget for the relocation.

A lot depends on the conditions related to your relocation. For instance, if your employer is taking care of the relocation logistics and expenses, you simply have to worry about whether your car is ready to take on that journey. Here you just have to clean and wash the exterior as well as the interiors of the car thoroughly and remove all accessories or items which might still be in the car. Items like baby chairs, media accessories like MP3 players, radio and other interior decoration items which you might have fitted as add-ons to your car, must be taken off. Items like mirrors and antennae which jut out of the exteriors of the car also have to be removed. You must keep the look of the car in mind and a Report of the conditions must be taken from your auto shipping company so that any distortion, damage or denting which might take place during transit can be attended to as soon as you reach destination. Before your car is taken away by the international shipping company take your car to the garage for a complete check up on the radiator, brake fluids, tire pressure, etc and have them adjusted. Take a look at the insurance policy and if necessary add high premium for international relocation. The best thing to do is to check with the shipping company and find out what kind of coverage options that they offer and talk to your employers about it, since they are taking care of the auto relocation.

In case you are given the responsibility to ship your own car to a foreign country you might as well check out on the cost of taking car vis--vis buying a brand new car in that country. You could contact the Embassy or Consulate of the destination country and check on the car import fees and other taxes and formalities for taking a car from the US to that country. There are numerous formalities involved depending on your host country with regard to car import and export. So you must have an accurate list of information related to customs, import procedures, taxes, and insurance fees as applicable in that country. You also have to mention the reason for your visit and stay in that country and the duration of your visa when you take your car with you. Sometimes the status of the visitor may change the taxes and duties levied for foreign imports.

While you are doing your research for moving your car to that destination country, you should also do adequate research on the kind of fuel used in that country to the kind of maintenance services available after you have moved in and settled in that country. In the matter of relocating your car abroad, never take any thing for granted as many things are different in foreign countries including driving rules, traffic regulations and driving permits applicable to foreigners. So do your research properly and make informed choices.

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